Strawberry Cherry Gelato (10g Value Pack)

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  • 25% THC 
  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Greenhouse-grown in Thailand
  • Good for combating chronic pain, stress, and insomnia.
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The Strawberry Cherry Gelato x Blueberry Chem 91 is a masterfully crafted hybrid strain that draws from a rich lineage of flavorful and potent predecessors. With a dominant indica profile, this strain offers a deeply soothing and relaxing high, perfect for those looking to unwind after a busy day. The THC content ranges impressively between 22% and 26%, marking it as a choice for experienced users seeking significant effects.

This strain combines the best of its parent strains: the fruity, dessert-like qualities of Strawberry Cherry Gelato and the powerful, deeply calming effects of Blueberry Chem 91. The result is a complex aroma profile filled with notes of sweet berries, tart cherry, and a subtle, earthy undertone inherited from the Blueberry Chem lineage. The buds are dense and colorful, with a visual palette of deep greens and purples under a thick coat of crystalline trichomes, hinting at the potency within.

Upon consumption, Strawberry Cherry Gelato x Blueberry Chem 91 quickly brings on a wave of relaxation that washes over the body, easing tension and smoothing out the rough edges of the day. The initial euphoric rush uplifts the mood, often leading to bouts of giggles and a profound sense of well-being. As the high progresses, the indica effects deepen, leading to a more sedative experience, which can be ideal for treating issues like chronic pain, stress, and insomnia.

Cannabis enthusiasts who enjoy a strain with both excellent flavor and potent effects will find Strawberry Cherry Gelato x Blueberry Chem 91 to be a delightful addition to their collection. Its ability to blend profound relaxation with a sweet, inviting flavor profile makes it a standout strain for both recreational and medicinal use.

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