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Does thc percentage really matter?

Does THC percentage really matter?

When it comes to your weed of choice, it’s easy to think THC is king. The higher the THC, the more worthy the purchase. But, as a Forbes article by Chris Roberts so eloquently put it: “THC shopping is almost as bad and dumb as buying wine based on how cool the label looks.” Chris […]

Prikpot strain update #1

PrikPot Strain Update #1

PrikPot’s ongoing goal is to keep things fresh. Fresh cannabis and a fresh selection. We almost want to say keep things green, but green isn’t the only color on the menu. Not by a long shot. In fact, out of the three strains we are highlighting today, only one is predominantly green, the others are […]

Cannabis tea : staying highdrated

Cannabis Tea : Staying Highdrated

For many, it is cannabis’ calming effects that make it so enjoyable to consume. But have you ever tried cannabis in tea? There’s something special about it that sets it apart from smoking cannabis or eating cannabis-infused foods or edibles. Tea preparation and drinking is a relaxing experience in itself that some approach almost spiritually, […]

Super value promotion launched – 290 baht per gram

Super Value Promotion Launched – 290 baht per gram

Today we launched a new promotion that will compete with the most competitive offers in Thailand, but it still comes with PrikPot’s premium and organic quality. We are happy to announce that we now offer one of our most popular strains, Chili Charlotte, at a very valuable price. The price per gram is 290 baht […]

An even stronger line up and irresistible price reductions

An Even Stronger Line Up and Irresistible Price Reductions

PrikPot only opened its online doors days ago and already there are two announcements that will put a smile on customers’ faces.  First and foremost, TWO NEW STRAINS are coming in hot. The online dispensary is very proud to introduce the unique and scrumptious:  Chili Charlotte and Charlotte’s Mix More details about these new products […]

Prikpot sparks thailand’s online cannabis market

PrikPot Sparks Thailand’s Online Cannabis Market 

09 June 2022 was the dawning of a new age in Thailand. That is not hyperbole or exaggeration. As a nation, Thailand has become the first in Asia to legalize cannabis, leading the way with a modern take on an industry with huge potential, and taking down unwarranted stigma from a crop that has myriad […]

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