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Top 5 cannabis strains for conquering sleep disorders

Top 5 Cannabis Strains for Sleep Disorders

In the quest for better sleep, cannabis emerges as a beacon of hope for many. With specific strains tailored to combat insomnia and other sleep-related issues, finding the right one can be a game-changer. Here’s an in-depth look at five exceptional cannabis strains, each chosen for their unique profiles and effects, promising a journey towards […]

Prikpot dispensary in collaboration with elon musk presents: lunar haze - the first moon-grown cannabis

Lunar Haze – The First Moon-Grown Cannabis

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PrikPot in Collaboration with Elon Musk Presents: Lunar Haze – The First Moon-Grown Cannabis Chiang Mai, Thailand – PrikPot, Thailand’s premier cannabis dispensary, is over the moon to announce the exclusive launch of a groundbreaking cannabis strain: Lunar Haze. Developed in an unprecedented partnership with visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk, Lunar […]

Prikpot acquires famed chili radio, adding a melodic touch to your cannabis experience

PrikPot Acquires Famed Radio Station – Chili Radio

Chiang Mai, Thailand – PrikPot, the well-renowned online cannabis dispensary is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its ever-expanding portfolio: the acquisition of the beloved Chili Radio. A mainstay for tens of thousands of monthly listeners around the globe, Chili Radio has been the go-to station for individuals seeking the perfect blend of classic […]

Prikpot introduces the buddy bar: an innovation in cannabis packaging and consumption

PrikPot Reinvents Cannabis Packaging and Consumption

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PrikPot Introduces the Buddy Bar: An Innovation in Cannabis Packaging and Consumption Chiang Mai, Thailand – July 20, 2023 — PrikPot, a pioneering name in the cannabis industry, is delighted to unveil its latest product – the Buddy Bar. A transformative approach to the traditional cannabis brick, the Buddy Bar melds cutting-edge […]

Cali bros are 2 thai-american brothers growing premium cannabis in thailand.

Introducing Cali Bros – Premium Thai Growers

Meet the Cali Bros, a unique duo known for their exceptional cannabis cultivation skills. The half-Thai, half-American brothers were raised in the golden state of California, where they spent their lives mastering the art of cannabis cultivation. Their passion for the plant is as deep-rooted as their multicultural heritage, which has undoubtedly influenced their approach […]

How pgrs affect cannabis enthusiasts in thailand

Plant Growth Hormones Could Make Your Weed Dangerous

Compact and perfect cannabis buds are so pleasing to look at, but they may not be as natural as you think. Those fluffy, rounded and uniform lumps of weed may be the result of added Plant Growth Regulators (also known as PGRs). We here at PrikPot work hard to ensure our cannabis is organic and […]

Hemp – the cannabis sibling with a bright future.

Hemp – The Cannabis Sibling with a Bright Future

“Make the most of the Indian Hemp Seed, sow it everywhere.” – George Washington (1794) Wheat, maize and rice are the royalty of humanity’s history of agriculture and cultivation, but not far below them is Cannabis. The Cannabis Sativa variety known as hemp, to be more precise, is easily a prince or princess (hemp can […]

Does thc percentage in cannabis really matter?

Does THC percentage really matter?

When it comes to your weed of choice, it’s easy to think THC is king. The higher the THC, the more worthy the purchase. But, as a Forbes article by Chris Roberts so eloquently put it: “THC shopping is almost as bad and dumb as buying wine based on how cool the label looks.” Chris […]

New cannabis strains introduced at prikpot thailand.

PrikPot Strain Update #1

PrikPot’s ongoing goal is to keep things fresh. Fresh cannabis and a fresh selection. We almost want to say keep things green, but green isn’t the only color on the menu. Not by a long shot. In fact, out of the three strains we are highlighting today, only one is predominantly green, the others are […]

Cannabis tea decarboxylation in thailand.

Cannabis Tea : Staying Highdrated

For many, it is cannabis’ calming effects that make it so enjoyable to consume. But have you ever tried cannabis in tea? There’s something special about it that sets it apart from smoking cannabis or eating cannabis-infused foods or edibles. Tea preparation and drinking is a relaxing experience in itself that some approach almost spiritually, […]

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