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Cannabis radio station in thailand.

Thailand's Only Cannabis Radio Station

Enjoy the best music from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and up to today while enjoying the products from PrikPot. We are proud to present Chili Radio, the first and only cannabis radio station in Thailand, broadcasting 24/7.

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Why a radio station?

In a fast-paced digital world, the warm, embracing touch of a radio station that feels like home is often missing. PrikPot recognizes the unique pleasure derived from chilling out with top-notch cannabis while soaking in the tunes of yesteryears and today.

Chili Radio serves as a unique platform, connecting cannabis enthusiasts across boundaries, providing not just music but a rich and nourishing community experience. It’s about reclaiming the joy of slowing down, of savoring the finer things in life with people who share your tastes and passions.

Joey chou presenting asia pop 40 in thailand.

What we broadcast?

Classic Hits: Dive into a world of timeless music ranging from the ’60s to the 2000s and beyond, capturing the very essence of each era.

Daily News: Stay updated with the latest happenings in and around Thailand, bringing you closer to the pulse of our vibrant nation.

Asia Pop 40: Every weekend, immerse yourself in the top charts with Joey Chou showcasing the best of global pop music that’s dominating Asia’s airwaves.

Minimal Advertisements: We prioritize your listening pleasure, keeping adverts to the minimum to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted auditory journey.

Our Future Plans

As Chili Radio continues to evolve, we are setting our sights on broader horizons.

Native Mobile App: In the pipeline is the development of a native mobile app to bring Chili Radio straight to your smartphones, offering an optimized user experience with easy navigation and personalized settings.

Cannabis Podcast: Venture deeper into the world of cannabis with our upcoming podcast. Join us as we sample and review the latest buds and cannabis products, sharing insights and fostering conversations that matter to the community.

Experience the harmonious blend of good music and great cannabis with Chili Radio by PrikPot. Stay tuned for a journey of relaxation, information, and community-building like no other.

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