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About PrikPot

Life is better lived at a higher level. Our goal is to give you what you need to elevate your experience.

Making medical cannabis accessible

Our online cannabis store

With our products, quality of life improvements and the ability to manage the impact of health conditions and ailments is within reach. Sleeping disorders and pain remediation are only two of a wide variety of issues that cannabis can assist with. 

We offer our range of products at high-value prices and provide comprehensive customer support before, during and after the buying process.

A high-quality high, every time

Our quest for quality

The only thing we are prouder of than our customer service, is our approach to quality. It is our highest priority because nothing elevates the cannabis experience more than great products. 

We form communicative partnerships with our growers, selecting suppliers who maintain a high level of professionalism and keen eye for detail that allows us to offer cannabis that is free of synthetic Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs), pesticides and other harmful chemicals. This means the cannabis you purchase from PrikPot is not only high-quality, but organic as well.

Forging local partnerships helps our community thrive

Supporting local businesses

The select artisan growers that PrikPot chooses as its partners all call Thailand their home. A burgeoning industry such as cannabis is a prime opportunity to allow economic growth across the board, from the national to local level. 

This is why a steadfast part of our mission is to make room and channels for the industry to grow right here at home to build a brighter and more expansive future.

The quality of the customer service and speed of delivery was just fantastic, and don't get me started on their products – I know I can count on PrikPot every time!
James W.
Nice place with a relaxing atmosphere. Owners are lovely and provide outstanding service, and the products are of top quality with great prices!
Emma B.
Chiang Mai

Press and Media Mentions

Below are some selected media mentions about our main partner in Thailand, Prikpot Co., Ltd. 

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