Maui Macnut Gelato (10g Pack)

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  • 23% THC 
  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Greenhouse-grown in Thailand
  • Good for combating stress, anxiety, and chronic pain
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Maui Macnut Gelato
Maui Macnut Gelato (10g Pack) ฿1,980 Original price was: ฿1,980.฿990Current price is: ฿990.
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Maui Macnut Gelato is a sumptuous cannabis strain known for its rich genetic background and delectable flavor profile that captures the essence of its tropical namesake. This strain leans toward the indica side, providing users with a relaxing and soothing high, typically accompanied by a cerebral buzz that enhances creativity and mood. Its THC content is robust, generally ranging between 20% and 25%, making it a potent choice suited for both recreational and medicinal use.

Originating from a blend of flavorful and aromatic strains, Maui Macnut Gelato inherits a complex and enticing aroma that combines the nutty richness of macadamia nuts with the sweet, creamy notes of gelato. This unique combination creates an indulgent experience that is both pleasing to the palate and the senses. The bud structure is dense and coated in a sticky layer of trichomes, showcasing hues of green and occasionally, purple undertones.

The effects of Maui Macnut Gelato are deeply relaxing, often leading to feelings of euphoria and a peaceful state of mind. It starts with a heady lift that gradually spreads throughout the body, melting away stress and tension. This makes it an excellent choice for the end of a long day or for those looking to unwind in a serene setting. Due to its potency and the relaxing effects it induces, this strain is particularly favored by those looking to alleviate symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.

For enthusiasts who appreciate a strain with a gourmet twist, Maui Macnut Gelato offers a delightful escape to a tropical paradise, wrapped in the luxurious flavors of macadamia and creamy gelato, making every session a treat to look forward to.

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