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Dip Trip™ – Cannabis Tea Pouches

Introducing Dip Trip™, a new way to enjoy cannabis. When we say new, we mean it. From the packaging and delivery method, to the feel of its high, Dip Trip™ is truly one of a kind.  It’s snus meets cannabis tea. Your weed comes in pouches, and you have the option of putting a pouch under your lip or using it to make tea. The 0.42 grams of high quality, 16-20% THC-strength cannabis in each pouch has been decarboxylated, which is the ideal prep method to bring out a cannabis’ maximum effectiveness if you are not smoking it. There are no oils or extracts, just pure weed, and thus we recommend activating the THC by adding some virgin coconut oil before consumption. You can find in-depth preparation instructions HERE. Each Dip Trip™ canister contains 24 pouches, adding up to a total of 10 grams of cannabis. Each pouch can deliver a smooth high that lasts for hours. By and large, tea will bring on a stronger high than having the pouch under your lip, which gives you unique versatility when deciding how you wish to enjoy your cannabis. With Dip Trip™ you can choose to enjoy an understated high with the pouch under your lip, or truly chill out after a cup of Dip Trip™ tea. PrikPot is proud to bring you this new product that provides alternatives to smoking cannabis without compromising the quality of your high. Highlights:
  • Great option if you don’t want to smoke
  • Versatility with 2 options of consumption bringing different highs
  • 24 pouches in each canister, each pouch delivers hours of enjoyment
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