PrikPot Classics – 10gr Bundle (5 Flowers)

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  • 10 Grams Peace Pack – SAVE 2,500 baht (50% off)
  • 2gr Acapulco Gold (22%)
  • 2gr Northern Lights (18%)
  • 2gr White Widow (20%)
  • 2gr Colombian Gold (20%)
  • 2gr Mazar (20%)
  • Mixed Indica / Sativa / hybrids
  • Grown indoors in Thailand
  • Good for combating stress, pain and insomnia
  • Free nationwide shipping
  • Price is for a pack of 10 grams

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Introducing our nostalgic journey through time! Explore the iconic cannabis strains from the ’60s to the ’90s with our exclusive collection. Savor the legendary tastes of Acapulco Gold, Northern Lights, Colombian Gold, White Widow and Mazar. Relive the golden age of counterculture and experience the classic high that defined an era. Limited stock available – order now and transport yourself to those groovy days!

Acapulco Gold, a legendary Mexican sativa, boasts golden-hued buds that deliver an uplifting, energizing high. With its sweet, earthy aroma and hints of coffee, this strain delights the senses. Ideal for daytime use, Acapulco Gold eases stress and fatigue, while promoting creativity and focus. A true cannabis connoisseur’s choice.

Northern Lights, an iconic indica, captivates with its stunning crystal-coated buds and alluring sweet, spicy aroma. Renowned for its deeply relaxing effects, this strain melts away stress, anxiety, and pain, while simultaneously promoting a sense of calm and tranquility. Perfect for a cozy evening unwind or a restful night’s sleep.

Colombian Gold, a classic sativa, features eye-catching, trichome-laden buds with a distinct pungent, skunky aroma. Known for its invigorating cerebral high, this strain sparks creativity, focus, and happiness. Ideal for daytime use, Colombian Gold combats stress and fatigue, making it a sought-after choice for enthusiasts craving a vintage experience.

White Widow, a timeless hybrid, enchants with its frosty, sugar-coated buds and captivating earthy, pine aroma. This strain provides a balanced, euphoric high, harmoniously blending cerebral stimulation with physical relaxation. Perfect for social gatherings or creative pursuits, White Widow is beloved for its versatility and consistent potency.

Mazar, a robust indica-dominant hybrid, presents dense, resinous buds with a tantalizing blend of earthy and spicy aromas. Its potent, full-bodied high delivers profound relaxation and tranquility, while easing pain and stress. Ideal for nighttime use or unwinding after a long day, Mazar is a true treat for cannabis aficionados.

Additional information

THC Level

18%, 20%, 22%


Calming, Energizing, Sleepy, Varies

Growth Method



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