Foi Thong Exclusive Brick Weed (50gr)



  • 50 grams of quality brick weed (30 baht / gr)
  • No chemicals or glue used (compressed with heat)
  • Made from Foi Thong-strain
  • 20% THC
  • Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Greenhouse-grown in Thailand
  • Uplifting effect
  • Good for combating stress, pain and fatigue
  • Free nationwide shipping
  • Price is for a brick of 50 grams
(13 customer reviews)

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For those mindful of their budget, our Foi Thong brick weed is a great choice. While it may lack the aroma and flavor of our premium varieties, it’s effectively potent. An ideal choice for everyday use without breaking the bank. Note that we do not use any chemicals or glue to compress the weed, only heat. 

Experience the exquisite fusion of tradition and innovation with our 50-gram brick weed made from the classic Foi Thong cannabis strain. This sativa-dominant hybrid’s enchanting blend of sweet, creamy, and floral flavors is masterfully preserved in our carefully crafted brick weed, ensuring a uplifting smoking experience.

Unlike traditional brick weed, our Foi Thong brick weed boasts an unparalleled smoothness, making each smoke session a delight for your senses. Our company takes great pride in meticulously handpicking only the finest buds from our eco-conscious growers to guarantee the highest quality product.

Foi Thong is a sativa-dominant hybrid, a result of combining the best traits from various Thai landrace strains. The exact genetic lineage remains a closely guarded secret, although it is believed to include genetic contributions from other well-known Thai strains like Thai Stick and Chocolate Thai.

The Foi Thong cannabis strain, with its unique blend of sweet, creamy, and floral flavors, offers a range of potential medical benefits for patients seeking relief from various symptoms. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, Foi Thong is particularly well-suited for addressing issues like depression, anxiety, and chronic stress, thanks to its uplifting and mood-enhancing effects. This strain may also help stimulate focus and creativity, making it a useful choice for those experiencing attention deficit disorders (ADHD) or mental fatigue.

Additionally, Foi Thong‘s moderate to high THC levels can provide effective pain relief for patients suffering from conditions like migraines, arthritis, and muscle spasms. Its energizing effects may also be beneficial for combating fatigue, allowing patients to feel more active and engaged during the day. Lastly, Foi Thong‘s appetite-stimulating properties could help those struggling with a lack of appetite due to medical treatments or illnesses.

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13 reviews for Foi Thong Exclusive Brick Weed (50gr)

  1. Thomas Shortall (verified owner)

    Pretty tasty. Very reasonable price too. Professional service. Enjoyable.

  2. Suparporn Taylor (verified owner)

    Gives a nice,pleasant buzz that’s not overly strong,but long lasting.Leaves my eyes sticky,just like the gear from the old days.From a 45 year veteran, who’s enjoyed the plant of peace over the years.
    From ordering,to giving my Foy Thong a test drive,was an amazing less than 18 hours.Super speed of delivery.
    Company recommended.

  3. Georgie Ajamian (verified owner)

    I have been smoking sweet leaf almost everyday for 43 years, I’m 58 years old now… So when I saw this promo for 30 baht a gram indoor grown brick bud, I took a shot and bought 100 grams and was not disappointed! I like to blend a few grams of their premium bud with about 10 grams of the brick, it makes a nice smooth blend.. I am very happy with all PrikPot products, I have been ordering quality bud from this company for almost a year now, and I have never been disappointed… All the best! \m/

  4. Owen (verified owner)

    Pleasant midrange effect, for the price it cannot be beat. Fast and efficient delivery as always.

  5. Joe (verified owner)

    I am a satisfied customer after a couple of Cash On Delivery purchases on other products. I gave this Foi Thong Exclusive Brick (50gr) a try with pre-payment and found the delivery to be much quicker via Thailand Post. I received my package in Bangkok within 20 hours of my online payment.
    Foi Thong Exclusive Brick (50gr) is a fantastic bargain! Great quality for the price… I obviously didn’t expect “top shelf” aroma or potency but then again, I’m not looking for the full intoxicating ride every night. The Foi Thong Exclusive Brick presents a milder, cleaner puff without the abrasive reaction on my throat. I am more about enabling a quality sleep buzz with next morning freshness.

  6. Darren Sykes (verified owner)

    As usual, excellent customer service and communication skills. I thought the brick weed was fairly decent value for money, not a bad smoke, but I only have one grievance as it seems to block my CONE far too much for my liking. Another happy customer and will continue buying.

  7. andy_rose (verified owner)

    Good quality in terms of freshness. Speedy delivery and a decent potently for the price. Nice to mix in with the other stronger stuff to make your stash last longer.

  8. Michael Cohen (verified owner)

    Okay. I wasn’t planning on unpacking the brick as it was purchased and packaged for long-term storage/backup, but you reached out, so here it goes. It burns cleaner than most browns, not as clean as green, but better than the vast majority of feral weed – and I’m a fan of all ganja configurations, so I’m not putting down dirt-weed, I’m just getting old and need to mind my combustion-related particulates. Foi Thong is only mildly “brick like.” It is easy to break apart, is obviously fresh, and has a decent taste. Most importantly from my perspective, the THC count is honest at 20% and is more pleasurable than most balls-to-the-wall green stuff, mainly due to the CBD still being intact, which is the benefit of brown weed to begin with. Nature in her infinite wisdom realized early on that the two main constituents of marijuana are best balanced against each other. Isolate either of the two and the downsides become apparent quickly. I like green, but I use vodka to temper it. With brown, the vodka becomes optional. Depends on what you’re going for. But I suspect it is the green stuff that is giving medical personnel fits. Words to the wise.

    Anyway, back to the actual review… It seems, based on three hits from a small, freshly cleaned glass bong (first hits of the day for the sake of accuracy), that the high is fast-acting and surprisingly pronounced; moreover, this sh*t has some staying power. What more could you ask for at 30B/gram? For the quality, the price is ridiculous. Sending out gratitude to PP for making it available. I’m in BKK, but this shop has been my ONLY source since discovering it early on. I don’t see that changing. Cheers.

  9. Art Clark (verified owner)

    Reasonable quality, reasonable price, don’t smoke, so consume it usually in ‘brownies’, for sleep assistance.
    I would purchase again.

  10. Ryan Snowdon (verified owner)

    A surprisngly decent smoke. Very smooth with a pleasant taste. The price made a purchase too tempting to resist but I was a little unsure if I’d bother smoking it, since I have other premium weeds there. But I actually quite enjoy a joint of it now and again. It’s especially handy to have if you just want a quick one before you go out. If you’re a regular smoker, definitely get yourself a slab of this. It’ll save you a wee bit cash and it’ll ensure you’ll never run out while you’re waiting on your next Prikpot delivery.

  11. Daniel (verified owner)

    Pleasant taste, not too strong.

  12. Stuart Duncan (verified owner)

    My main purpose for weed is medicinal, sleep and joint pain. I decarb it and eat about a teaspoon each evening. I find the Foi Thong Brick cost effective.

  13. Gavin (verified owner)

    Been using Prikpot since the start.
    Foi Thong hits the spot. It’s not crazy strong and enables you to function and just go about your day with a lovely buzz. 20 years in Thailand and this one is just lovely Thai weed.

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