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Prikpot introduces the buddy bar: an innovation in cannabis packaging and consumption

PrikPot Reinvents Cannabis Packaging and Consumption


PrikPot Introduces the Buddy Bar: An Innovation in Cannabis Packaging and Consumption

Chiang Mai, Thailand – July 20, 2023 — PrikPot, a pioneering name in the cannabis industry, is delighted to unveil its latest product – the Buddy Bar. A transformative approach to the traditional cannabis brick, the Buddy Bar melds cutting-edge technology with high-quality Killer A5 Haze strain buds, promising an unprecedented cannabis experience starting at just 70 baht per gram.

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The Buddy Bar revolutionizes the cannabis industry with a special heat compression technique, ensuring a chemical-free, all-organic product. With an impressive THC content of 25%, it provides a clean, potent, and mess-free cannabis experience.

This novel approach offers a myriad of benefits, including:

  • Improved Storage and Portability: Compressed cannabis bars occupy less space and are less prone to damage during handling.
  • Enhanced Longevity: Heat compression preserves the potency and flavor of the cannabis, reducing degradation from exposure to air, light, and moisture.
  • Increased Efficiency: High cannabinoid concentration delivers desired effects using less product, ensuring cost-effectiveness.
  • Uniform Consistency: The compression process creates a more consistent concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Reduced Mess: Compressed bars minimize waste from loose bud crumbles.

Beyond its recreational appeal, the Buddy Bar signifies a commitment to health and wellbeing. Rich in the terpenes of the Killer A5 Haze strain, it offers potential benefits for stress relief, pain management, mood enhancement, and more.

PrikPot is dedicated to driving cannabis innovation, with plans to expand the Buddy Bar range in the future. Discover the Buddy Bar today and immerse yourself in a superior, all-organic cannabis experience that is as potent as it is beneficial.

About PrikPot PrikPot is a forward-thinking company committed to pushing the boundaries in the cannabis industry. We prioritize quality, innovation, and customer wellbeing to deliver groundbreaking products that transform the cannabis experience.

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