Moby Dick


  • Full description below
  • THC 21%
  • Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Greenhouse-grown in Thailand
  • Good for pain, migraine, and fatigue
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Weed Guide

Cannabis comes in many varieties. We encourage you to discover and try all the many assortments and their related effects.

If you want to go for a run, be the life of the party, or create art.

– Stimulates mind and senses
– Improves focus/concentration
– Increases energy
– Uplifts mood

If you want to relax after work and before you go to bed.

– Relaxes mind and body
– Relieves pain and nausea
– Stimulates appetite
– Reduces anxiety

If you want a balanced effect that boosts and relaxes.

– The best of both Sativa & Indica
– Balance between euphoria and relaxation
– Can be sativa-dominant or indica-dominant
– Many options to choose from

If you’re looking for lasting relief for sore muscles or sleeping problems.

– Little to no “high”
– Inflammation reduction
– Alleviates chronic pain
– Post-exercise recovery



Moby Dick, a distinguished cannabis strain, is a dynamic cross between Haze and White Widow, known for its robust effects and captivating flavor profile. This sativa-dominant hybrid boasts a significant THC level of 21%, offering a potent and exhilarating experience. Cultivated in a greenhouse environment, Moby Dick brings together the best of both worlds, combining precise growing conditions with the strain’s natural vigor. Its aroma is a complex fusion of sweet citrus and pine, with subtle undertones of vanilla and eucalyptus, making each session a refreshing sensory journey.

The high THC content ensures a powerful cerebral high, characteristic of its sativa dominance. Users often experience heightened creativity and focus, making Moby Dick an excellent choice for activities that require mental engagement. The energetic buzz it provides is perfect for daytime use, helping to elevate mood and increase productivity.

From a medicinal standpoint, Moby Dick is praised for its ability to alleviate symptoms of stress and depression, thanks to its uplifting effects. Its greenhouse cultivation ensures a consistent quality that aids in managing fatigue and stimulating appetite. Additionally, this strain can provide relief from chronic pain and migraines. Moby Dick’s balance of Haze’s cerebral clarity and White Widow’s potent euphoria, enhanced by the controlled greenhouse environment, makes it a sought-after strain for both recreational enjoyment and therapeutic benefits.

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1 review for Moby Dick

  1. Steven Foster (verified owner)

    By the time you read this review, one of the best deals PrikPot has offered is likely sold out (1395/10 gr.). Still, keep this classic offering on your radar for future considerations. Great strain for clear, calm, cool and collected daytime activities. Because of the terp profile, for me, the effects are more hazishly pronounced, meaning, you definitely know you’re medicated without the cobb webs or fog. What’s impressive about this greenhouse grow strain is the tightness of the buds, something you’d expect from an indoor variety where conditions are better managed for pampering the plant. The strain flourished in the heat because of the her pure haze parent, but has the genetics for the tight buds from another classic, white widow. Plus, the assisting lighting and good ventilation in the greenhouse helps. Buy in bulk, cure a bunch of bud for future use, whammmo, here’s your strain. (I’d encourage more written reviews. I’m sure reviews in Thai can be translated and posted. It’s just a pleasure for me to push a real good company with real good products and outstanding customer service. Plus, I’m just an enthusiast of the medical outcomes that’s helped me in a number of ways over a way number of years. And, yes, maybe I need to get out more.)

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