Charlotte’s Dream


Charlotte’s Dream is a CBD-rich flower (a whopping 14%) with a medium strength THC-level of 7%. This makes Charlotte’s Dream the perfect flower for beginners or experienced smokers that are looking for a healthier and perhaps, less vigorous experience. This attractive lady is grown organically in a controlled outdoor environment and free from pesticides and PGRs. A great choice if you want to mellow down and still keep your senses intact.

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Quantity Discount (%) Price / gr
1 gr ฿199
2 - 4 gr 10 % ฿179
5 - 9 gr 15 % ฿169
10 - 19 gr 20 % ฿159
20+ gr 30 % ฿139
High CBD and low THC cannabis strain sold online in Thailand.
Charlotte's Dream ฿199

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Heralding a unique composition, Charlotte’s Dream offers an impressive CBD content of 14%, paired with a moderate THC level of 7%. This harmonious blend positions Charlotte’s Dream as an ideal choice for both novices and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts who desire a more balanced and less intense experience. Its profile caters to those seeking wellness without an overpowering high.

Cultivated with dedication, Charlotte’s Dream thrives organically in monitored outdoor settings, ensuring a pure and premium product. The strain’s commitment to natural growth is evident, as it is nurtured without the use of pesticides or PGRs, reflecting its high-quality origins.

Medically speaking, this strain stands out for its therapeutic potential. The prominent CBD content suggests benefits like anxiety relief, inflammation reduction, and pain management. Opting for Charlotte’s Dream ensures a relaxed yet clear-headed experience, making it perfect for those wanting to unwind without losing their sharpness.

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THC Level



Calming, Energizing, Varies

3 reviews for Charlotte’s Dream

  1. Avatar of kail. Vorn

    kail.vorn (verified owner)

    Really relaxing. A good strain for physical pain and stress.

  2. Avatar of cat lady

    Cat Lady

    I really like this. I want something that energizes me and gets me motivated and creative. This seems to do that for me. I usually get the Chili Charlotte, and really like that too. But I think with the combination of the CBD/THC in this one, it seems to be a good balance.

  3. Avatar of spencer littlewood

    Spencer Littlewood

    I use Charlotte’s Dream for physical relaxation and wellness, and being a ptsd and adhd sufferer, it calms both of these conditions down. If i wish to be inspired and work well with focus, it is also good, but if i wish to boost my imagination, and feel more high, then i switch to its sister, chili charlotte, with its high thc content. Remember that cbd makes you relaxed, and has medical benefits, whereas thc is much more psychoactive. I agree with the previous commenter that it is a very good strain for pain and stress, and makes the body feel physically at ease. I consider this medical marijuana, and use it as such. Pricewise, tops! If you prefer being really stoned then i recommend the chili charlotte, or the outdoor gigabud, with a mindblowing 20% and 25% thc respectively, both at great price.

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