Bubblegum XL (10gr Super Deal)


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Bubblegum XL × 10

  • Full description below
  • THC 19%
  • Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Greenhouse-grown in Thailand
  • Good for stress, anxiety and chronic pain
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Weed Guide

Cannabis comes in many varieties. We encourage you to discover and try all the many assortments and their related effects.

If you want to go for a run, be the life of the party, or create art.

– Stimulates mind and senses
– Improves focus/concentration
– Increases energy
– Uplifts mood

If you want to relax after work and before you go to bed.

– Relaxes mind and body
– Relieves pain and nausea
– Stimulates appetite
– Reduces anxiety

If you want a balanced effect that boosts and relaxes.

– The best of both Sativa & Indica
– Balance between euphoria and relaxation
– Can be sativa-dominant or indica-dominant
– Many options to choose from

If you’re looking for lasting relief for sore muscles or sleeping problems.

– Little to no “high”
– Inflammation reduction
– Alleviates chronic pain
– Post-exercise recovery



Bubblegum XL: a flavorful journey through vibrant sweetness and a subtle earthy undertone, boasting a generous 19% THC level. This strain entices cannabis enthusiasts with its nostalgic bubblegum flavor, reminiscent of childhood yet intermingled with a mature, relaxing potency. Each toke is a burst of playful sugary notes, wrapped meticulously around a robust, full-bodied cannabis experience. As a user, expect a smooth, delightful ride that starts with a gentle uplift, moving towards a calm, serene disposition, thanks to its notable THC content.

The therapeutic attributes of Bubblegum XL go beyond its recreational charm, providing a plethora of potential medical benefits to its users. Its substantial THC level has been associated with alleviating chronic pain, managing stress, and acting as a muscular relaxant, offering a holistic approach towards physical wellness. Moreover, individuals dealing with anxiety or depressive states might find solace in the uplifting and mood-enhancing effects that this strain is celebrated for.

In essence, Bubblegum XL seamlessly marries joyous recreational use with substantial medical utility, crafting a balance that is adored by many. Whether you’re embarking on a light-hearted social adventure or seeking a gentle escape from physical discomfort and mental stress, Bubblegum XL stands tall as a versatile, flavorful, and potent companion in your cannabis journey. Enjoy the ride, and always embrace usage that’s mindful and responsible.

Additional information

Bubblegum XL

THC Level



Calming, Varies

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3 reviews for Bubblegum XL (10gr Super Deal)

  1. tonynov52 (verified owner)

    I’m a boomer with a spinal condition. The description of med benefits is exactly as I have experienced them.

  2. Philipp S. (verified owner)

    Review using a Dynavap. Full buds with a very nice feeling when squeezed. Nice fresh berry, pine notes when crushed.
    Great deal and taste when vaporized. Like someone else wrote nice and uplifting. I would say sativa dominant from feeling but the strain index says hybrid. Very happy with the pick for that price.

  3. David V. (verified owner)

    Sweet and tasty buds, not too strong so the day can continue without you’re being flated. All in all perfect for a relaxed mid-day snack.

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