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Does thc percentage in cannabis really matter?

Does THC percentage really matter?

When it comes to your weed of choice, it’s easy to think THC is king. The higher the THC, the more worthy the purchase. But, as a Forbes article by Chris Roberts so eloquently put it:

THC shopping is almost as bad and dumb as buying wine based on how cool the label looks.

Chris Roberts – Forbes

And the thing is, this is nothing new. We are willing to wager that many a reader knows that THC numbers are a terrible indicator of how effective a cannabis strain will be on an individual. All you have to do is read up on some popular sub 20% THC strains and you’ll find many mid or even “low” concentration weed is known to be hard-hitting. Yet, THC numbers remain the big selling point because it has become so engrained in the industry as cannabis’ main marketing hook.

Growers know it. Sellers know it. Even researchers know it. University researchers have conducted controlled experiments observing cannabis effects on hundreds of subjects and it was clear that on many occasions, individuals who smoked a strain with lower THC levels experienced the same high as those who smoked the dankest of the dank.

A tray with thc rich cannabis buds.
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Let’s take a look at some theories regarding the reasons for THC concentration not being proportionate to psychoactive effects. One hypothesis suggests that it is because a brain only has a certain number of receptors that the cannabinoids can fill up, meaning once you reach a “peak high” any additional cannabinoids do not translate to further intoxication.

Another train of thought is that considering the number of known cannabinoids that exist within the plant (numbering over 100 and THC is just one of them), there could very likely be a correlation between different cannabinoids acting together to produce stronger or weaker highs.

So, don’t take it from us, listen to the smart ones down at the University of Colorado. Those same researchers explained that someone’s reaction to the smell of a cannabis strain is a far better indicator of how much it will affect them.

Finding the right weed for you may truly be about simply using your senses. Look for a strain that is appealing to your eyes, do a taste test if possible or ask the seller to describe what it tastes like.

That’s synergy between you and the strain, isn’t it?

In short, don’t be blinded by the numbers, folks. After all, we’re here for a good time, not to compare what strain we bought like neighbors showing off their cars. One thing we can say here at PrikPot is that at any given moment, we try to have a quality and organic selection of cannabis that will hit the right notes for anyone.

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