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Age Verification

If you are a returning PrikPot customer who has not yet provided identification, we need to verify your age with an ID check.

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Member verification

Age Verification (30 seconds)

To comply with Thailand’s regulations, we require a copy of your identification. You may provide any of the following:

  • ID card
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport

Please note that the uploaded copy is not stored on our website. Instead, it is immediately transferred to a Google Vault with highly restricted access, ensuring maximum security and privacy.

You can easily take a photo of your identification using your mobile phone and upload it using the form below.

Member verification

Submit Your Identification

IMPORTANT: If you are a returning customer, please use the email address from your previous purchase to help us match your records.

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To comply with Thai regulations, please confirm you are over 20 years old by uploading a photo or scan of your ID in the space provided above. You can easily take a photo with your phone. To ensure maximum security and privacy, this document will be stored in a Google Vault and will NOT be stored on this website. (Our privacy policy).

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