Zensation X


  • Exclusive to PrikPot
  • Full description below
  • THC 28%
  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Indoor-grown in Thailand
  • stress, insomnia, and chronic pain
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Zensation X emerges as a formidable Indica-dominant hybrid, skillfully crafted by Maxx Nuggs in Chiang Mai exclusively for PrikPot. This strain is a potent cross between the tranquil Zensation and the powerful Amnesia, boasting an impressive 28% THC content. Its high potency makes it particularly effective for those seeking strong, relaxing effects. The genetic blend endows Zensation X with characteristics ideal for evening or nighttime use, especially favored by those dealing with sleep disorders and insomnia.

Appearance and Flavor
The buds of Zensation X are visually striking, dense, and coated with a thick resinous layer, reflecting its high THC level. The color is a deep, rich green with hints of purple, enveloped in a shimmering layer of trichomes. In terms of flavor, Zensation X combines the earthy, berry notes of Zensation with the citrusy, hazy undertones of Amnesia, resulting in a complex, deeply satisfying taste profile.

Effects and Medical Benefits
Zensation X is particularly renowned for its potent, sedative effects. It’s highly effective in alleviating symptoms associated with sleeping disorders and insomnia, promoting deep and restful sleep. The high THC content ensures a powerful, relaxing experience, starting with a cerebral euphoria that gradually eases into a profound body relaxation. This strain is also beneficial for managing stress, anxiety, and chronic pain, making it a versatile choice for therapeutic cannabis users seeking potent relief.

Additional information

THC Level



Calming, Sleepy, Varies

Growth Method


2 reviews for Zensation X

  1. Avatar of kanjana kuabpimay

    Kanjana Kuabpimay (verified owner)

    When you smoke this… you know you’ve just smoked some super top shelf masterpiece ganga… a very unique multi dimensional high.

  2. Avatar of arkady shtrambrandt

    Arkady Shtrambrandt (verified owner)

    Strong, but smooth

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