Tangerine Dream


  • Full description below
  • THC 22%
  • Balanced hybrid
  • Indoor-grown in Thailand
  • Good for anxiety, chronic pain, and depression
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Discover the blissful world of Tangerine Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid that perfectly embodies the sweet and tangy notes of citrus in every puff. Revered for its medium to high THC level ranging between 18-25%, this strain promises a balanced, uplifting experience, steering clear of the overpowering sedation that some strains deliver.

As you embark on the Tangerine Dream journey, expect a mood upliftment that gently nudges you towards a state of euphoria without overwhelming the senses. Ideal for daytime use, it keeps you engaged, and stimulated, fostering a creatively rich and vibrant atmosphere. Medicinal users will find a faithful ally in Tangerine Dream, as it reportedly aids in mitigating symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, and depression, offering a respite from the daily stressors while nurturing a sense of calm and focus.

Beyond recreational pleasure, Tangerine Dream offers substantial medicinal merits. It stands tall as a powerful tool in managing mood fluctuations and promoting relaxation. Whether you’re looking to spark a surge of creativity or seeking a companion in pain management, this strain ensures a joyful journey towards well-being, offering a slice of serenity and uplifted spirits, truly a dream woven in the shades of tangerine.

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Calming, Energizing

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