Skywalker OG (10gr Value Pack)


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Skywalker OG × 10

  • Full description below
  • THC 26%
  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Indoor-grown in Thailand
  • Soothing and relaxing effect
  • Good for combating anxiety, pain and sleeping disorders
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Emanating from the controlled and perfected environment of indoor gardens, Skywalker OG stands as a testament to superior cultivation. Each tightly packed bud gleams with an ethereal sparkle, reminiscent of distant galaxies. This strain masterfully marries the power of Skywalker with the profound depth of OG Kush, resulting in a cosmic experience that’s simply out of this world.

Rich in potency, Skywalker OG boasts a THC content of around 26%. Predominantly Indica-dominant, its effects are deeply grounding and relaxing. This strain’s Indica leanings ensure a body-melting sensation, perfect for an evening of unwinding or a restful journey to dreamland. For medical users, Skywalker OG offers respite from chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep disturbances, making it a therapeutic favorite.

Whether you’re a recreational enthusiast or a medicinal user, Skywalker OG promises consistent quality and an interstellar experience. Let this indoor gem transport you to galaxies far, far away.

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Skywalker OG

THC Level



Calming, Sleepy

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