OG Kush (10gr Super Sale)




  • 20% THC 
  • Indica dominant hybrid
  • Grown outdoors in Thailand
  • Good for combating stress, anxiety and insomnia
  • Free nationwide shipping
  • Full description below
  • Price is for pack of 10 grams
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Introducing OG Kush, a legendary cannabis strain that has earned its place as a quintessential staple in the world of marijuana. This remarkable hybrid strain, believed to originate from a masterful cross between Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Pakistani Kush, has captivated users for decades with its exceptional potency, unique flavor, and balanced effects.

OG Kush boasts an impressive THC content, often ranging between 20-25%, offering a powerful and long-lasting high that is both cerebral and physical. The strain’s distinct aroma is a captivating fusion of earthy pine and pungent skunk, with subtle undertones of citrus and spice, making each inhalation a sensory adventure. The flavor profile is equally enticing, showcasing a complex blend of earthy, woody, and lemony notes that dance on the palate.

The effects of OG Kush are truly extraordinary, providing a harmonious balance that starts with a euphoric cerebral buzz, gradually transitioning into a deep, soothing body relaxation. This strain is suitable for evening use, as it promotes a sense of calm, happiness, and stress relief, making it the perfect companion for unwinding after a long day.

Medicinal users will appreciate OG Kush’s therapeutic properties, as it effectively alleviates symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, while also providing relief from physical discomforts such as pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms. Its sedating effects can also aid those struggling with insomnia, making it a versatile choice for holistic healing.

Experience the iconic allure of OG Kush and indulge in a cannabis journey that exemplifies the perfect fusion of potency, flavor, and well-rounded effects that have made it a true classic among marijuana enthusiasts.

Additional information

Growth Method

Sungrown (outdoor)


Calming, Sleepy

THC Level


1 review for OG Kush (10gr Super Sale)

  1. Avatar of ryan snowdon

    Ryan Snowdon (verified owner)

    I’ve smoked a fair bit of OG Kush over my years living in the Netherlands and this is quality stuff. Potent and nice tasting with each puff being a hearty one. The price is just superb.

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