Kief (From Deluxe Sugar Cane)

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  • Full description below
  • Premium Kief
  • Made from Deluxe Sugar Cane
  • Made in Thailand
  • THC 35-45%
  • Good for pain reliefrelaxation, and insomnia
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Cannabis buds and kief are both parts of the cannabis plant, but they have different properties, uses, and potencies.

  1. Cannabis Buds: Also known as flowers, these are the parts of the cannabis plant that are most commonly used for consumption, whether that be through smoking, vaping, or making edibles. Buds are covered in trichomes, which contain the cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) and terpenes that give cannabis its effects, flavors, and aromas. The concentration of these compounds can vary depending on the strain of cannabis, how it was grown, and how it was cured and stored.
  2. Kief: Kief refers to the tiny, sticky, crystal-like trichomes that fall off the cannabis buds. These trichomes contain a higher concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes than the rest of the cannabis plant, which makes kief much more potent than cannabis buds. Kief can be collected from a grinder or sifted from loose cannabis flowers and can be used to increase the potency of cannabis flower, make hash, or infuse into oils or butters for cooking.

The concentration of THC in cannabis kief can significantly vary depending on several factors, including the strain of cannabis, the cultivation and harvesting techniques used, and the method of kief collection.

However, generally, kief is known to be quite potent. While the average THC concentration in cannabis flowers usually falls somewhere between 35-45%, the THC concentration in kief is typically much higher. It’s not uncommon for kief to contain 50% THC or more, but it can range anywhere from 20-60% or possibly even higher.

It’s important to note that because of this high potency, kief should be used with caution, especially for those who are new to cannabis or have a lower tolerance. Also, the potency can be so high in kief that it may not be appropriate or beneficial for all medical applications. For instance, a high THC to CBD ratio can increase anxiety in some individuals.

About Deluxe Sugar Cane

Deluxe Sugar Cane Kief represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship in the realm of cannabis concentrates, a premium product that appeals to both connoisseurs and those seeking therapeutic relief. Derived from the illustrious Deluxe Sugar Cane strain, this kief is characterized by its exceptional potency and purity. With a THC concentration that often exceeds 40-50%, its effects are both immediate and profound, offering users a vivid experience marked by clarity and intensity. The strain from which this kief is collected leans towards Sativa, making it particularly unique in its ability to stimulate creativity, elevate mood, and energize the mind. Its aroma and flavor profile are as enticing as its effects, boasting a sweet, earthy scent with hints of spicy sugar cane, making every encounter a delightful sensory experience.

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Calming, Sleepy, Varies

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