High Five – Premium Joints (4-pack)


  • Full description below
  • Made from High Five
  • Each joint is 1.1 gram pure weed
  • THC 20%
  • Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Indoor-grown in Thailand
  • Good for depression, lethargy, and attention deficit disorders
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High Five pre-rolled joints made from Sativa.
High Five - Premium Joints (4-pack) ฿1,400 ฿995
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Dive into a vibrant elevation with our High Five pre-rolled joint 4-pack, a dynamic blend that captures the essence of vitality and joy. This strain stands out as a sativa-dominant hybrid, offering an energetic and uplifting experience. With a THC content ranging between 18-23%, High Five is designed for those who desire a lively, cerebral high that sparks creativity and joy.

Each joint in the High Five pack is carefully prepared to guarantee a smooth, invigorating smoke. The aroma combines the crisp, refreshing notes of citrus with a subtle hint of earthy undertones, presenting an exhilarating scent profile. Upon inhaling, the taste accentuates this citrus freshness, leading to an engaging and stimulating smoking experience. The effect is predominantly uplifting, swiftly enhancing your mood and energy levels, making it ideal for daytime use or social gatherings.

Medicinally, High Five is celebrated for its ability to boost mood and counteract fatigue. Its sativa influence makes it particularly effective for those battling depression or lethargy, as it brings a rush of euphoria and motivation. Additionally, its energizing effects can be beneficial for those with attention deficit disorders, helping to maintain focus and productivity. For individuals seeking a mental uplift and a burst of creativity, the High Five pre-rolled joints offer a delightful sensory journey along with significant therapeutic benefits, all in a convenient, ready-to-enjoy package.

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Energizing, Varies

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