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New cannabis strains introduced at prikpot thailand.

PrikPot Strain Update #1

PrikPot’s ongoing goal is to keep things fresh. Fresh cannabis and a fresh selection. We almost want to say keep things green, but green isn’t the only color on the menu. Not by a long shot. In fact, out of the three strains we are highlighting today, only one is predominantly green, the others are a mix, but we can confidently say that ALL are nice to look at and even better to consume.

Silky Delight

Silky delight is a unique cannabis strain only sold at prikpot.
Prikpot strain update #1 5

Let’s start with the smooth (and green) member of our trio. Once you get to know this indica-leaning hybrid, you’ll feel like it could not have been named anything else. It adds a smooth undercurrent to any situation, solo or social. You could be an introvert or extrovert, the life of the party or the strong and silent type, Silky Delight elevates everyday life in fantastic fashion.

It may be indica-dominant, but this strain has a way of keeping the mind focused during stretches of “me time”, or smoothing out your inhibitions and putting you in a laughing mood when in the company of others. To put it simply, it makes any situation more… Silky.

Learn more about Silky Delight here: https://prikpot.com/product/silky-delight/

Chili Charlotte

Chili charlotte value pack 10 grams in thailand.
Prikpot strain update #1 6

Chili Charlotte is a sativa strain that PrikPot is proud to sell exclusively. It is derived from Charlotte’s Web but let’s just say it is more like an “evil” twin because, when it comes to the numbers, this Charlotte is the exact opposite.

You’ll enjoy 16-20% THC and 1% CBD concentration, bringing you an active high but with gentler delivery and an overall relaxed experience when compared to stronger strains. This mildness makes it a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a robust but light sensation, or even for anyone new to cannabis use.

At the time of writing, Chili Charlotte is enjoying great value-for-money prices not only for small amounts but with even further reduced prices when buying larger quantities.

Learn more about Chili Charlotte here: https://prikpot.com/product/chili-charlotte-10gr-value-pack/


Buy gigabud online in thailand
Prikpot strain update #1 7

The name makes it sound like a gift from outer space, but in reality, Gigabud has some of the earthliest characteristics of our entire line up.

Firstly, it brings forth joy and will help some experience quicker and more fulfilling sleep. This makes Gigabud one of those strains that are best enjoyed in the evening as your day winds down, bringing the day to a close with pleasant thoughts and relaxation.

Secondly, the taste has tones of fruitiness and Gigabud smells of fresh apricots. If that ain’t the spoils of the earth, we are not sure what is.

All the above is well and good, but how does it stack up on the THC front? Well, its 25% concentration sits on the fence between mild and strong, making you feel just as an indica should, giving you a heavy body high, perfect for chilling out and being one with your cozy surroundings. For some, Gigabud will be exactly the kind of experience they are looking for.

 Learn more about Gigabud here: https://prikpot.com/product/gigabud/

Strain Updates from PrikPot are about highlighting the best our online shop has to offer and also bringing you up to speed on the latest offerings to hit our cyber shelves. There is a lot more to explore, however, so if you have some time, click the link to our shop and check out the full spread. We always aim to have something available for everyone, whatever their taste or experience.
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